Visual Brand Consulting

Building an effective brand is challenging. Sometimes it take an outside view to recognize where things can be improved, even in simple ways, to produce a more impactful representation of your business.  I can conduct a branding review of your business and offer basic advice for how to improve and redirect your branding efforts.

  • Review of logo design
  • Assess consistency of messaging
  • Assess consistency of design in marketing materials
  • Determine brand personality in alignment with goals
  • Assess quality of branding in designs (social media, print, web, etc)


I have extensive experience helping design and build WordPress websites for small to large businesses. 

My experience is primarily as a WordPress designer. I am not a programmer, so more extensive development projects – such as eCommerce or database driven web applications are not my forte. 

If you are looking to have a professional, online presence, I am more than able to help put your business on the digital map. 

If you are interested in having a wordpress website designed for your business, please contact me.

  • New WordPress Design

    Installation, template set up and design for new website design

  • Existing Web Maintenance

    Helping manage / update content for existing WordPress websites

  • CSS Styling

    Basic CSS coding to enhance and customize web design to match your brand


Every successful business venture included developing a strong visual brand. A logo is the foundation of marketing efforts, as color schemes, typographical choices, and overall styles are established in the core design of a logo.

I’ve been designing logos for 20+ years, and have helped develop hundred of brands from the inception of their logo to the creation of their marketing materials.

If you are interested in having a logo designed for you, please contact me.