Who is Tractor Beam Marketing?

An Edmonton, Alberta based creative designer who freelances and collaborates with other creative minds. The voice behind Tractor Beam is James Rozak (moi!), a well seasoned designer who specializes in visual branding, design and web graphics.

A graduate of Grant McEwan in Visual Communication (Design & Illustration Program), and over 22 years of design experience working within prominent marketing firms and serving hundreds of clients, it’s turned into a rather exciting and successful ride.

My Skills Include:

  • Drawing & Illustration (traditional mediums & digital artwork)
  • Web design (WordPress, CSS, HTML, etc)
  • Logo & Brand design
  • Print Design
  • Marketing strategy
  • Content writing
  • Animation
  • Videography & Vido Editing
  • Photography
  • Training & Speaking

Where did the name “Tractor Beam” come from?

The original Tractor Beam team included founder Jake Bergen, who has a vivid imagination and an appreciation for nostalgically classic cinema and storytelling. This certainly played into the slightly geeky yet effective imagery of the classic UFO apprehending the unsuspecting pedestrian citizen.

Marketing kind of falls in line with that idea. A powerful brand or marketing presentation can leave the passerby helplessly captivated by engaging design and messaging. We know it’s kinda nerdy, but hey – nerds can be cool too. Right? (please say yes)